Laps of Reason – Now the “MONTOUR 24″

NEWS UPDATE - "Laps" Cancelled

The Laps of Reason race was created to fill a void in the local running scene.  The "Laps" was based in the idea of running a set amount of time, vs a set distance.  And that concept is valid.  So valid in fact, that we are pleased to announce that the Laps of Reason concept is now being filled by the even BIGGER, AND BETTER MONTOUR 24 SERIES OF RUNS!  

This exciting race takes the concept of the "Laps" to a new level!  A level dreamed about by the Organizers of the "Laps" but not achievable under our "beta" idea organization.  But now, the River Towns Race Series is running with the concept, and we believe they will do an EXCELLENT JOB of growing the idea.  We offer them all the luck in the world going forward, and we look forward to being both participants and spectators of this great new area race!  We THANK all past runners of the "Laps" and we hope we see you all again at the Montour 24!


"After organizing running races for the past 7 years, it occurs to me that we are doing it all wrong."
                                                                                                                                                                          David Decoteau

November 2nd, 2013 - 9:30 a.m. start time.


- Is it reasonable to put a course together of a specific length, and then invite participants of all levels of althleticism to participate?
- Is it reasonable to hold running races on roads with cars and other hazards around every turn?
- Is it reasonable to expect fans to get excited about a race where they only see their friends and family at the start and finish line?
- Is it reasonable to assume that 85% of participants won't be on the podium and are simply racing the clock?
- Is it reasonable to give awards that are "one size fits all" when each person's path to that race is so unique?


Instead of running a certain distance in the least amount of time, why not run for a certain amount of time, and see how far you can run?
Instead of running in traffic, why not run on level paths and just a few residential streets with little or not vehicle traffic?
Instead of boring fans, why not provide live music in a central location that both participants and fans can both enjoy for the duration of the race?
Intead of one set of awards based on time, how about infinite types of awards based on distance?  No two awards are the same!

Start with Registration:

PAY BY HOW FAR YOU RUN!  Yes, that is correct.  We will be timing runners for up to 4 hours of running time, but not everyone wants to run that long.  So, Organizers have turned registration on it's head, and allow you to reserve your spot for the race for $15.00, and then pay for the distance you run AFTER you have finished running.
 This means no waiting in registration lines prior to the race.  No late starts (due to last minute registrants). And lots of other benefits that you can consider by pushing the "learn all the details" button!

How it works:

Registration will be limited to 200 runners.  Runners will all start at 9:30 a.m.  The run will last for 4 HOURS.  The course is one LAP around the Hess field park on the Robbins Trail.  The Robbins trails is almost exactly 4000 meters in length (2.5 miles) and is mostly flat and level.  Each time a runner comes past the Start/Finish area, they will be given a "gummy bracelet" to put on their arm.  Each bracelet will signify one lap.  Then all you have to do is keep running for a long as you can!   That might be an hour.  It might be two  hours or all four hours: that's up to you.  You might even want to stop for a while, take a break, listen to some music and run again.  Again, it's all REASONABLE.


The gummy bracelets will be of all shapes, colors and sizes.  If you run around enough times, you'll look like a technicolor Madonna!  This will all add to the fun.  You will also be running over out timing mats and that will keep track of your time per/lap.

Special Bracelets:

Slipped in with all the gummy bracelets will be one SPECIAL BRACELET!  This is a fine piece of silver jewlery that was donated by our sponsor Bernardi's Jewlers of Mill Street in Danville, PA.  One lucky runner will go home with this piece of jewlery that will more than cover any costs they might have incurred during their race day.  Thanks Bernardi's!  And good luck racers!


As with all Riverside Adventure Company events, our Awards will be thoughtful, easy and unique.  After you have decided you are finished running, you will leave the course on "Finish" shoot.  Someone will count your bracelets, and based on how many you have, you will gain access to one of our prize tables.  The more bracelets you collect the bigger the prizes on the table.  If when you get to the table, there are no prizes left, that simply means you were not one of the top finishers at that level of distance.

BUT DON'T WORRY if you don't get a prize.  Everyone is going to leave with a finishers metal that will be the most unique in your collection.  We will give each finisher a crampon on a ribbon that has been enblazened with the logo of the Laps of Reason race.  The crampon is to be used to move the bracelets from your arm onto the finishers medal, making each one as unique as your race day experience!


One of the absolute BEST things about this style of racing is the opportunity to entertain our racers, their support people, and the community of fans.  Since it's a lap race, participants will run by the finish area multiple times during the day. Each time they do, they will recieve encouragement and be exposed to various forms of entertainment.  Be it motivational music, or skateboarders doing tricks or cyclist or WHO KNOWS WHAT! It's a great race for fans, because they will see the people they want to see multiple times during the race.  It's a great race for Runners, because it's flat, fun, beautiful, safe and REASONABLE.

Special thanks to our jewlery sponsor:


Map of the Course:

Directions: From Route 80.  Get off at the Danville (exit 224) - Travel on Route 54 east about 1 miles to the Perkins Restaurant.  Make a left between the Perkins and the gas station.  At the stop sign, make a right onto Meadow lane and take that to the very end.